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What kind of food

Specialty made salads, fix it yourself salad, everything that you would put in salads, 5 different kinds of soups, breads, pasta, jello, mousse, ice milk for dessert.

if you have salads to go do you charge by the weight and if so how much per ounce or pond?

Togo box 10 dollars

Do you have senior prices on Sunday

Senior prices are everyday

what time is senior discount time

Available during operation hours no set time

What is the price of the luncheon meals for seniors. I go online and find a variety of prices. What is the current price. Thanks

I do not see a senior price online. They have lunch, dinner and child prices. Sign up for Club Veg, and get emailed discount coupons. They send them weekly. It's the best deal!

How much is lunch per person?

$8.99 or 9.99 (with a beverage) using a coupon.

When are you coming north to Ohio?

Ask corporate offices

How much is it per person

With a drink more than $15, but you can join an email group and get coupons from them that reduce the per person cost

Can I get a salad at the salad bar to take out

Yes, they have to go containers for salad, soup, & the other stuff, too

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